[cc-licenses] Alex Bosworth: "Creative Commons Is Broken"

Adam Fields cc-licenses345982 at aquick.org
Mon Mar 6 12:15:13 EST 2006

On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 08:13:04AM -0800, Stephanie Rieger wrote:
> 1. Education - How do you use these licenses correctly? What do they really
> mean (especially the 'non-commercial' variant--and I know they are working
> on this) What types of works should be licensed CC and why (This will sound
> very restrictive to some but I think we need to address this. OurMedia.org
> (for example) is full of millions of works, only a fraction of which are
> actually useful to anyone or reusable in any way.)

Can you please elaborate on what you mean by this? I've been working
with Ourmedia in a technical capacity (largely keeping the site from
crashing under the load), and this is a major concern for
them. Details would help.

> 2. Simplification - This may be a pipe dream but the licenses are really too
> complex to use and need to be simplified so they can be used more easily in
> alternate publishing mediums and by novice users. We've made choosing,
> tagging and discovering CC-licensed works dead easy (maybe a bit too easy),
> now lets focus on reuse!

It's important to note that without the former, the latter is really
useless. Rather than decrying CC as a broken venture, as Mr. Bosworth
does, I would look at it as a stepping stone.

So - there's a real question in there.

As a consumer/remixer/user - what do you want? What rights should be
clearly delineated that aren't currently being so?

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