[cc-licenses] Alex Bosworth: "Creative Commons Is Broken"

Stephanie Rieger steph at yiibu.com
Mon Mar 6 11:13:04 EST 2006

It's about time someone started to talk about all this. 

We started our company with one goal being the creation and reuse of openly
licensed content. Six months later, I have very mixed feelings about CC. We
tried very hard to follow the license to the letter, only to find that few
others were. 

We tried to acknowledge every piece of content we used in the appropriate
manner, only to find this incredibly challenging--so much at times that it
was easier not to use the content at all. Finally, we found that, although
there were millions of works licensed CC (as advertised :-) the vast
majority were your aforementioned "blurry photos" or were so restrictively
licensed that we could do nothing with them.

And as for global reuse of content..outside of the music business there's
very little of it going on (believe me...i've looked.) And I think that much
of the blame can be placed on the licenses themselves. The most important
thing CC can do right now in my opinion is..

1. Education - How do you use these licenses correctly? What do they really
mean (especially the 'non-commercial' variant--and I know they are working
on this) What types of works should be licensed CC and why (This will sound
very restrictive to some but I think we need to address this. OurMedia.org
(for example) is full of millions of works, only a fraction of which are
actually useful to anyone or reusable in any way.)

2. Simplification - This may be a pipe dream but the licenses are really too
complex to use and need to be simplified so they can be used more easily in
alternate publishing mediums and by novice users. We've made choosing,
tagging and discovering CC-licensed works dead easy (maybe a bit too easy),
now lets focus on reuse!


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"At MashupCamp the other day, I addressed a couple of my concerns about
Commons to Larry Lessig."


Via Rumori.

- Rob.

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