[cc-licenses] NonDerivative NonCommercial Licenses

Greg London email at greglondon.com
Fri Mar 3 11:03:51 EST 2006

>CC-BY-SA-ND* (for noncommercial uses, equivalent to CC-BY-SA-NC)
>*This license does not exist under the current scheme because,
>under no conditions, can one derive work to share alike; but luckily
>however, in the new scheme, the ND disappears if one does not earn

To suggest combining ShareAlike with NoDerivatives is a red flag
that there is some kind of fundamental misunderstanding going on.
And I can't quite figure out where it is.

If the basis of your query is to ask if CC could
(1) get rid of the NoDerivatives-NonCommercial combination or
(2) get rid of NoDerivatives as a license option entirely,
and I'm not sure if this is the heart of what you're asking or not,
then you can make the request but it probably won't happen.

CC generally creates whatever licenses that creators want
as long as it helps those creators license away some of their rights
to their audience. And some creators want a NC-ND license to allow
fans to pass verbatim copies of their works around.

Actually, if I remember correctly, I think NC-ND was the most
commonly used CC license. (Wasn't there a pie-chart that showed
which licenses were the most commonly used?)

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