[cc-licenses] [Cc-icommons] use of CC Deed icons in copyright statements

paul keller paul at waag.org
Wed Mar 1 06:13:00 EST 2006

On 1 Mar, 2006, at 00:14, melanie dulong de rosnay wrote:

> cc-fr list agreed to have the expression "commons deed" translated as
> "résumé explicatif", something like "explanative summary" (of the
> contract terms) - which doesn't sound good in english.
> however, it is not foreseen to translate "commons deed" in the fields
> of the iCommons translating application, as tom notices, it is part
> of the graphic layout.

i agree with melanie and tom here. it would indeed make sense this  
part of the license could be translated as well...
best, paul

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