[cc-licenses] Creative Commons licenses cause a problem

Mike Linksvayer ml at creativecommons.org
Mon Jun 5 13:20:14 EDT 2006

If I hadn't already had my morning cup of tea I wouldn't need it now.



On Mon, 2006-06-05 at 17:18 +0000, Terry Hancock wrote:
> Well, IANAL either, but I am absolutely sure of this. This "problem"
> has nothing to do with CC licensing.  Either all of the material on
> the web can be used under fair use for this project, or it can't.
> If it can't, then Creative Commons' "By" license is one of a handful
> of non-copyleft free licenses that makes this project possible at
> all.
> Yes, non-commercial means non-commercial.  But why aren't you
> complaining about all those "all rights reserved" book publishers?
> As for the complaint about "sharealike", I find your desire to privatize
> a public good deplorable, if that is in fact your aim. If it is not, then
> I fail to understand why sharealike should be a problem for you (surely
> your clients can analyze a copylefted work as well as one that isn't?)
> In any case, authors use these licenses to protect their own will in
> their work. If you don't like the terms, then ask the authors for
> permission, just as you would for any other copyrighted work.
> If you were expecting the commons community to be just a bunch of
> work "free for exploitation", then you have a serious misunderstanding
> of the community.
> Cheers,
> Terry
> (Who is neither a lawyer, nor a member of Creative Commons, but
> an interested user of the CC-By-SA).


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