[cc-licenses] "License"? (CC-BY-SA - GFDL compatibility proposal)

wiki_tomos wiki_tomos at inter7.jp
Fri Jan 20 01:26:25 EST 2006

Here is one minor question, just in case it helps anything. 

In the proposed draft to make CC-BY-SA partly compatible with GFDL, 
I see repeated use of the term "applicable License." From the context, 
I think it means CC-BY-SA of certain versions, any jurisdiction, and/or 
GFDL. But I was under the impression "License" (with capital L) 
is a word reserved for CCPL. GFDL is not among them. Is this 
wording okay? Or is it possibly inprecise or confusing? I am not sure. 

GPL is arguably one of CCPL, I suppose, given that there is CC-GPL 
http://creativecommons.org/license/cc-gpl and the site says 
"for those licensing software, we offer the GNU GPL and GNU LGPL licenses."
(http://creativecommons.org/about/licenses/meet-the-licenses ). 
Perhaps there will be a similar treatment of GFDL by CC? 

In any case, I thought I would point this out so that we don't 
have to face the question later when we use the licensed work 
or resolve the dispute regarding proper/improper use. 

Best Regards, 


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