[cc-licenses] Licensing option to free up content over time possible?

Mario Behling mb at mariobehling.de
Mon Jan 2 15:31:15 EST 2006

Thank you very much for your advice so far!

 I am going to look more in depth into the solutions you proposed. 
Unfortunately there does not seem to be a perfect solution yet though. Just 
shortly what I think.

Firstly about Founders Copyright: This is not (as far as I know) an 
international adapted license and I believe therefore not always compatible 
with European Copyright concepts. Also, 14 Years seems a long time. But of 
course I could even change that as well.

And about the other solution:
> Until ####/##/## you may redistribute this work under the
> terms of license X, after that time, you may redistribute it
> under the terms of license Y"

This seems to be a solution that could work. It is not as simple as just 
attaching a license into the template of a website or so. There are some 
little practical problems. Like: Do I change the copyright information 
included in the metatags of a webpage or a foto after a certain time? Seems 
like a lot of work.. Ok, there is batch processing out there, but still.

Something else I was thinking about: I would like everyone to be able to use 
my work as long as they redistribute derived work under any Open Licence 
(even stricter ones) except Licences that don't grant Copyrights to others 
(like the CC Attribution Licence would allow). Seems like a real 
compatibility problem.

Would be interesting if anyone was thinking about this already. Thank you 
for your help!

Happy New Year from Berlin!

Ciao Mario 

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