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Greg London email at greglondon.com
Tue Dec 5 09:59:10 EST 2006

> Cinemas do not use DRM, it is possible to make CSS-free DVDs,
> and there are videos on iTMS without FairPlay. So I do not
> think that the anti-TPM language in the CC licenses would
> prevent this.

Yeah, the point of Lucas making an offer was not that
it had to do with DRM, but that it had to do with a platform
monopoly. Lucas would use CC-SA content if you'd give him
a platform monopoly in the theaters and for his movie.
Maybe you had to sign a no-compete agreement saying you
won't let anyone else use your content in a theater.
Maybe you get the modifications he makes to your music,
but the final derivative, the movie, remains All Rights Reserved.

The point is that the movie would be a platform monopoly,
a specific instance of the work that is not CC-SA,
just like a locked song on a DRM-only player.

Giving up copyleft on a work for a particular instance
of that work will lead to eventual harm to the community.

Sure, one time probably won't kill it, but if you give
an exception to DRM, and then an exception to movie theaters,
and then another exception, and another, you end up with
enough platform monopolies that they completely overshadow
the FREE version of the work.

Greg London

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