[cc-licenses] CC-BY 2.0 photo usage inside a screensaver

Melissa Cotano melcotano at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 17 14:22:04 EDT 2006

I am using a screensaver authoring tool so I can't add this menu. On the other end the generated screensaver provides the option to use any image as a desktop background so I should be covered.


Greg London <teloscorbin at gmail.com> wrote: On 8/16/06, Melissa Cotano  wrote:
> On the other end the user can always access the images by pressing the
> [print screen] key which is maybe why this is not an issue? Any
> clarification would be great.

Since the image is embedded in the software,
you could have a menu option that would
dump the image to a .jpg or similar file format.
Something that's an option in the "configure"
menu maybe?

This should satisfy the most stringent reading of the license,
and would probably be appreciated by the artists whose work
you're using.

It would also have the advantage of not increasing the size
of your executable very much, since you're not including a
jpeg with the executable and having two files to pass around.
You just need to handle a little more code.

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