[cc-licenses] cc-licenses Digest, Vol 41, Issue 19

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Thu Aug 17 08:53:25 EDT 2006

rob at robmyers.org wrote:
>  Quoting Jessica Coates <j2.coates at qut.edu.au>:
> > Besides, I thought that the DMCA TPM provisions trumped fair use?
>  They do, but they cover the *removal* of DRM, not the *addition* of
>  DRM. So you could add DRM under Fair Use, which would then remove
>  your fair use rights.

You know, when you put it that way, I can't help but ask, how much
does a portable Ogg player cost, anyway?  Is this really just so we
can support Apple's iPod?  This would be the same Apple that lobbied
in France to get the gutted competitive DRM clause that special-cases
free software as being illegal. France being the country where VLC
and libdvdcss is maintained, because it's now illegal to maintain it
in the USA?

Maybe I'm wrong -- maybe we do need a harsh anti-TPM clause. Maybe
iPod and all such ilk need to become extinct.

Even ignoring the CC licensed material, there is already a large
amount of online material that you apparently can't play on these
machines, so why should CC make DRM easy?

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