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Greg London email at greglondon.com
Mon Aug 14 22:39:12 EDT 2006

> On Sun, 2006-13-08 at 20:18 +0200, Karl Ebener wrote:
>> I don't think, Charlie has a problem in the first scenario : He can
>> still take the work and transfer it to his iSuck-format himself and
>> hear it on his iSuck-Player.
> Ah, but the iSuck player's SuckIt! (TM) DRM system only plays works that
> are digitally signed by a distributor who is explicitly authorized by
> the iSuck Corporation (as shown by the iSuck Corp signature on said
> distributor's encryption key). Authorization costs US$250,000.
> Bob is an authorized distributor; his library paid the distributor fee
> so that they could share Free Culture works with the iSuck-owning
> public.

If circumvention is authorized into the license for that work
and all derivatives of that work, then that solves the
quarter million dollar cost to get authorization.
It becomes automatic. I still haven't heard a respons as to
whether you think this meets Debian's requirements.

In the above case, if Bob distributes teh song, teh authorization
in the license guarantees that he doesn't maintain a monopoly
for that song on the iPod.


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