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Greg London email at greglondon.com
Mon Aug 14 00:45:46 EDT 2006

> Allowing downstream developers to redistribute in
> whatever format they choose, even a DRM'd format,
> for whatever hardware they choose, is the
> only way to be compatible with the guidelines.

OK, fine. See my last email.
How about we allow people to redistribute in whatever
format they wish, and the license says they cannot use
DRM to restrict the use of rights on the DRM platform
and that the authority to circumvent DRM for all versions
of that work is automatically granted for all derivatives
and all copies.

Then folks don't have to issue a parallel copy of the work.
But they are prevented from using DRM as a trap door.
DRM doesn't give them any advantage that could be used against
the Gift Economy that created the original work.
And they can distribute a DRM'ed copy of the work.

Does that satisfy the Debian Free Software Guidelines?
If not, what specific part is not satisfied?

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