[cc-licenses] After Disney or: Help Robot George Get A Life

Lars Porsena larsporsena at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 06:32:39 EDT 2006

> Except I thought the requirements included
> holding exclusive commercial rights to the
> "Organization", and granting the community only
> NonCommercial rights.

yes, that is correct. I think Rob was making a plea for
leaky buckets :)

BTW, I like the Magnatune model a lot though, great idea:
non-exclusive use, 50% split followed by CC-BY-SA-NC
opens the party up a lot more to individual creators.

Even better in this case, where use is non-exclusive it effectively
forces (always good) the Org to be all the things it should/could:
eg a solid citizen, effective brand, promoter of talent.

I'm strongly tempted by this.

It's a pity Magnatune is obviously wildly unsuccessful: do we draw
any conclusions here?

Or: is anybody else using CC licenses at the heart of a business model
and actually making a go of it? A flip round the CC website suggests not.



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