[cc-licenses] After Disney or: Help Robot George Get A Life

rob at robmyers.org rob at robmyers.org
Wed Aug 9 10:15:09 EDT 2006

Quoting Greg London <email at greglondon.com>:

> Hm, a bit of a quandary. And I'm stumped for solutions.
> The requirements appear mutually exclusive.

If Robot George is BY-SA, the Organization can use derivatives of him
commercially quite happily. So can anyone else, but hopefully the Organisation
will do this well enough that people prefer them.

If this was "Star Wars" or "Star Trek", people would take payment in "canon",
like with the "Paranoia" RPG rewrite. But those are all examples where people
already have considerable emotional investment and have already got lots of
value from the franchise.

If people are dissatisfied with the arrangements around Robot George they can
start a rival, "Robot Greg". He will look different but the idea's the same,
and he's pure copyleft.

A leaky bucket that people will help fill is better than a shiny new 
bucket that
they won't. :-)

- Rob.

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