[cc-licenses] After Disney or: Help Robot George Get A Life

Peter Brink peter.brink at brinkdata.se
Sun Aug 6 10:06:03 EDT 2006

Lars Porsena skrev:
> I was thinking for me by-nc-sa, but there's no (?) provision for me to
> make a buck or two here by cherrypicking the best derivatives for
> commercial ends.

While one initially might be tempted to suggest a private deal with 
those artist who comes up with good derivatives, there is a catch. There 
might be a chain of derivatives - and all artists in such a chain would 
need to agree to your private deal, which would undo the practical and 
administrative gains of using a CC-license. Only direct derivatives of 
works for which _you_ are the copyright holder could easily be handled 
by a private deal. So I would suggest the CC-BY-SA license. That would 
allow you (and anyone else) to make money out of derivative works based 
on "Robot George".

That or write your own license...

/Peter Brink

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