[cc-licenses] CC "non-commercial" content in a commercial website

jonathon jblake at eskimo.com
Thu Apr 27 15:53:22 EDT 2006

Terry Hancock wrote:

> You can't offer the NC material AT ALL.*

Assuming that the website owner is not the author of the NC material, I
would agree with you.  The other exception would be if both the author,
and the copyright owner, placed the material on the website.

> This is why NC is stupid, and should be deleted, expunged, deprecated, and shunned.  ;-)

The issue with the NC license, is what, and how it defines "commercial"
activity.   Especially since:
i)  The published guidelines strongly imply that one set of users, that
usually considers itself, and is defined by most people as being
"non-commercal", is defined by the license as being "commercial";
ii) The published guidelines describe how to sell the material, without
violating the contract;

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