[cc-licenses] Use of derivatives by original author.

longdead longdead at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 14:36:56 EDT 2005

Rob Myers wrote:

>This would be a "What's Mine Is Mine What's Yours Is Mine" license.  
>The only circumstances I can see this working in would be something  
>like Start Trek fan fiction where fans would be happy to be "paid in  
>canon", that is by having their work made part of the official story  
Close, it is for a Role Playing Game book/project. One where I would 
like the option to print contributions up along with my own original 
material and sell the print books.  And one where I would want to avoid 
the possibility of having the game/game world hijacked commercially by 
another person or company.  As long as no one was using it commercially, 
I wouldn't care much what they did with it, as long as it was properly 

Matt Carr

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