[cc-licenses] Discussion Draft - Proposed License Amendment to Avoid Content Ghettos in the Commons

j lipszyc jl at creativecommons.pl
Fri Nov 18 20:03:01 EST 2005

Daniel Carrera wrote:

> HHmm... it looks like making BY-SA and GFDL compatible is not as easy as 
> I thought. Thank you for bringing this up! 

Thank you for adding all those links and your insight! I thought that 
its BY-SA which is more prohibitive, it turned that in fact its GFDL, 
but the problem remains.

It seems that without cooperation with FSF we will not get out of it. 
But GFDL was recently (3 years ago) changed - as i learned most 
controversial was new invariant section - and now all their attention is 
in GPL 3, so i don't think we can expect any changes soon. So we have to 
seek one-sided solution.

If comatibility cannot be reached soon CC should advice using GFDL for 
all educational works (textbooks, manuals, workbooks, dictionaries, 
encyclopaedias etc.) to keep compatibility with existing resources. Do 
you agree? This means adding one metatag and one question more on CC 
main page - and on Science Commons page too.

Jaroslaw Lipszyc

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