[cc-licenses] Fwd: Re: Discussion Draft - Proposed License Amendment to Avoid Content Ghettos in the Commons

rob at robmyers.org rob at robmyers.org
Fri Nov 18 05:49:25 EST 2005

Basically this is a new module. Let's call it CC-CO, for co-operation.

The reason it is a new module is that it isn't part of SA. Why isn't it 
part of
SA? Because it cannot be part of CC-BY-NC-SA. The FDL clashes with the
NonCommercial clause because the FDL can be used commercially.

The 2.0 licenses say work can be upgraded to any CC licence with the same
modules. But any claim that a BY-SA with FDL relicensing has only the same
modules as a 2.0 BY-SA is plainly false, as a BY-NC-SA of the same version as
the FDL-relicensing BY-SA would't have the same conditions as part of its SA

I am not a lawyer, but CC would be claiming something that doesn't 
appear to fit
the facts in a legal document they have produced and are recommending for mass
consumption. So if someone licenced their work BY-SA 2.0 and they then see it
in an FDL work they don't like, there's perhaps at least the possibility of a
lawsuit in there.

- Rob.

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