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Sun May 29 07:18:57 EDT 2005

On Saturday 28 May 2005 07:06 pm, Rob Myers wrote:
> On 28 May 2005, at 23:49, drew Roberts wrote:
> >> How would one provide non-digital sources though?  To use your
> >> example,
> >> the sources for the hand-drawn Disney cartoons are individual hand-
> >> drawn
> >> frames.  Would a digitized form be good enough?  What about a fine-
> >> art
> >> photograph where the source is a negative?
> For hand-drawn, scan everything.
> For a negative, copy or scan.
> Whilst the amounts of data for something like a cartoon might appear
> ridiculous, look at the Internet Archive: storage is getting cheaper,
> and there are ways and means.
> Low & high resolution versions could be provided.
> > This is why I wanted to limit the initial discussion to digital
> > music. If we
> > can't get anywhere with such a limited area, we have no hope with
> > the rest.
> > If we get somewhere useful, the process may lead to insights when
> > we come to
> > consider other areas.
> >
> > Does this idea make sense to anyone?
> Require the original sequencer file and samples. See NIN's Garageband
> release of one of their songs for a good example. Scans of the napkin
> the lyrics were written on wouldn't hurt.
> The file should be an open format wherever possible.
> I know requiring editable sources, or source material, for cultural
> works may seem silly, but the potential it could release would be far
> greater than just allowing sampling.

This is my feeling exactly. I am pondering starting a project to get Bahamian 
artists to record Bahamian folk music. I am thinking of doint the recording 
in ardour and releasing the ardour project files. Sequencer files would be 
good as well. Perhaps Hydrogen for the drum stuff if not live. I am also 
going to look into whether jamin can store some file representing the 
mastering phase and releasing that as well.

I wanto to give resources to people who want to learn all parts of the 
process. Can you imagine what a great resource it would be for someone 
wanting to learn final mixdown and mastering techniques to have such source 
materials available?

all the best,

> - Rob.
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