different licenses for different portions of a website. How?

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Sat May 14 08:15:11 EDT 2005


On 5/14/05, Mark Ivey <zovirl at zovirl.com> wrote:
> How do I apply different licenses to different portions of my website?
> On my website I have short blog entries, photographs (not all of them
> mine), and source code for some programs.  I would like a CC license for
> most of this.  However, I want the source code to be GPL, and obviously
> I don't get the choose the license for the photographs which aren't
> mine.  What do I do?

Why cant you just say that the source code is under the GPL, the blog
entries and other text and content is under s CC license. Also
explicitly mention the license of the image as and where it appears on
your site.

> The default wording "This work is licensed under the Creative Commons
> Attribution License" doesn't seem cover this.  I tried searching the
> creative commons website and the list archives but didn't find anything.
> Any help would be appreciated!
> -Mark Ivey-
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