how to credit a CC licenced photo when reprinting

Jill Walker jill.walker at
Tue May 3 04:29:10 EDT 2005


I want to reprint a collection of photos that are published under Creative 
Commons licences - just as a screenshot in an article about distributed 

Anyway, the photos are using the Attribution 2.0 licence (http:// and it says that 

"For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms 
of this work."

The publisher wants to put the credits in the caption to the screenshot. Their 
standard line is

"Author, Title. City: Publisher, copyright, year. Reprinted by permission of the 
publisher. All rights reserved."

What would be an elegant way of doing something similar for a CC licence? I've 
thought of something like this, but it doesn't really include the licence terms:

"Figure 2: Photos tagged with "train" at Photographs taken by Jakob 
Rask, Kris, Phillip Capper, Z Rahen, José Cuerva, David Bleasdale, Art Vandelay 
and Johndan Johnson-Eilola., accessed 3 May 2005."

Any help appreciated,

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