Wiki license 0.5 beta

Greg London email at
Mon Mar 28 13:47:13 EST 2005

Evan Prodromou said:
> The problem is that the block of text that we could call "the
> Attribution license element" is different between
> Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 and Wiki 0.5. They're both called
> "Attribution", but the requirements are different. Same name,
> different things.
> So when the ShareAlike part requires a license that "contains the same
> License Elements", does this mean "contains License Elements with the
> same name", or "contains License Elements with the same text"?

It sounds like it just requires the same Element names,
regardless of the exact text. Otherwise every country
with a different translation would be incompatible.

This sounds like Bob can put big-wiki content in his cc-sa-by
project, but big-wiki won't be able to have just project-specific
attribution only if it wants to put Bob's stuff in the wiki.

Don't think I like that Incentive Trap.

maybe someday, people will be able to waive attribution or
prohibit attribution completely. Attribuiton is a market economy
element. Gift economy licenses ought to have a way to waive it
or even prevent it completely.

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