Wiki license 0.5 beta

drew Roberts zotz at
Sat Mar 26 13:26:30 EST 2005

On Saturday 26 March 2005 12:38 pm, Evan Prodromou wrote:
> So, I note from the Creative Commons Weblog:
> ...that there's a new draft license for wikis:
> It's supposed to be under discussion on this list, which it is not. In
> fact, the description of this list says that our _purpose_ is to discuss
> it!

OK, here are some more comments:

I would like to see 4. a, b, and c have emphasised/bold "section titles"

As to termination, should it be made clear, or to use words found elsewhere in 
the license, "For the avoidance of doubt," should it be stated that when the 
license is terminated, the violating party loses rights to distribute, make 
derivatives, perform, etc. but not to posess anything they currently posess? 
If that is indeed the case.

With respect to 1 a versus 1 b, I would like to see a version of the license 
thatonly allows collective works if all the works in the collection are under 
the same license.

I think I might like to make use of such an option from time to time. Perhaps 
most of the time, I am not sure.

all the best,


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