Draft plain-text versions of the Creative Commons licenses

Evan Prodromou evan at bad.dynu.ca
Sat Mar 19 14:16:09 EST 2005

So, after about the 10th time I'd crabbed on this list about the lack of
plain-text versions of the Creative Commons licenses, Mike L. pointed
out that a volunteer should probably make candidate versions, which
could then be modified. He then pointed out that that volunteer should
probably be me.

I've thus made some translations of the CCPL into plain text and made
them available on my Web site for review:


I have left in the name "Creative Commons" because I'm doing this in the
hopes that these (or some later version) get moved to
creativecommons.org as "the" plain-text versions. I also believe that
the plain-text versions are identical works to the HTML versions, merely
with a change of medium. If there's any problem, I'd be happy to strip
the Creative Commons trademark out of there until and if CC wants to use
these versions.

The conversion was done as follows:

      * I downloaded each of the Creative Commons licenses and ran the
        resulting HTML through html2text .
      * I removed the alt text from the Creative Commons logo, and the
        "back to license deed" text.
      * I added blank lines between each paragraph, to simulate the
        formatting used in the HTML versions.
      * I added an underline to the word "License" to identify it as a
      * I added a similar sub-heading, "Creative Commons Notice", to the
        trademark restrictions language at the end. The comment that
        begins this section in the HTML says "BREAKOUT FOR CC NOTICE.
        NOT A PART OF THE LICENSE" and the end of it says "END CC
        NOTICE". I guessed that "CC NOTICE" would be best put into the
        text as "Creative Commons Notice".

Any other changes were by accident.

Comments or criticisms welcome. It'd be interesting to see what we do
next with this.


Evan Prodromou
evan at bad.dynu.ca
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