Concerns: CC-BY and Debian

Branko Collin collin at
Fri Mar 11 06:29:20 EST 2005

On 10 Mar 2005, at 18:41, Daniel Carrera wrote:

> There are also freedom-related issues. The CC-BY license is A LOT more
> free than the GNU FDL. Debian has major issues with it. Enough to
> merit a position statement:
> Contrast this with the CC-BY, where Debian feels that it is "almost"
> free. They agree that the intent is obviously "free". And they are
> just concerned about some details of word choice.

Could you expand a little bit on this, especially WRT what you 
consider to be "free" and "freedom"? I happen to agree with the FSF's 
position, where freedom flows downstream. Debian's Position Statement 
however seems to think that only authors should be free and have 
freedom (granted, I only looked at the bit about DRM before I turned 
away irritated).

Perhaps you should use another term, because the words "free" and 
"freedom" may be too confusing. I do not think I have ever seen two 
people agree on a definition of these words.

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