film-screening with a film using a cc-licensed-noncommercial music

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Wed Mar 9 18:02:07 EST 2005

On 9 Mar 2005, at 11:31, Greg London wrote:

> In fact, I think one of the CreativeCommons cartoons specifically
> describes the scenario where Alice licenses her work CC-NC, fans
> copy/distrubute/derive the work non-commercially. Some one stumbles
> across it and wants to use it commercially and so they contact Alice
> and pay her for the right to use the work commercially. And they all
> live happily ever after.
> That is the point of CC-NC. Some author doesn't have the
> advertising, sales, and distribution channel of the big guys,
> so they leverage some of their rights in hope of getting noticed. WIth
> the point being that if they do get noticed, they get paid.

See <> 
for a story about a record company that distributes its music using 
some form of CC-NC. If you want to use the music commercially, you go 
to their website and click a few buttons to get another license.

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