Proposal for a new kind of CC license - "preservation license"

J.B. Nicholson-Owens jbn at
Wed Jul 13 17:35:55 EDT 2005

Ron Kaminsky wrote:
> 1) The license would have to give me the right to publish his
> work under a CC-like license starting at a certain date in the
> future.

I don't see how preservation requires publication.  Publication strikes me as 
a different matter entirely.  Preservation might require being able to take a 
copy of the work (or the work itself) to someplace else for preservation labor.

> 3) If the release date is far in the future, I would need to
> have the right to transfer the work and my rights under (1)
> and (2) to an agent or agents who would see to the release
> after my death. (e.g., In fact, every agent
> in turn would need the right to transfer to another agent
> just in case they can no longer store the work themselves.

Since you would not be alive 100 years from today, you would be getting a copy 
of the work under a CC license, say, for your estate or for some other entity. 
  What you want to do with the work might not require any special license, 
just an agreement to get a copy of the work 100 years from now under a CC license.

Also, you would want your estate to somehow recover the money spent on this 
arrangement if there was no copyright on the work when your estate went to get 
their copy of the work.  After all, if the work is no longer under copyright, 
your estate needs no permission to do anything with the work.  Hence, paying 
for that permission was a total waste of money.

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