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My issue is primarily that I don't want to restrict someone from making commercial use of the material. I have been looking at the Sampling 1.0 License as alternative. This license seems to provide quite a bit of protection from rampant commercial re-distribution. Of course, this license is also the least attractive in terms of using it for P2P uploads.

Another question. Are there plans in the works to create new, more varied CC licenses? By varied, I mean ways to dictate content usage. In reality, I am kind of looking for a license that Corbis might use but much more liberal in terms of the ways one might use the content.

Corbis example:

Thank you very much for the responses. You guys are great!


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>Hi Mitch,
>If you are worried about possible commercial use could
>you not use the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
>Which in terms of commercial use says...
>"4c You may not exercise any of the rights granted to
>You in Section 3 above in any manner that is primarily
>intended for or directed toward commercial advantage
>or private monetary compensation. The exchange of the
>Work for other copyrighted works by means of digital
>file-sharing or otherwise shall not be considered to
>be intended for or directed toward commercial
>advantage or private monetary compensation, provided
>there is no payment of any monetary compensation in
>connection with the exchange of copyrighted works."
>If I understand it correctly it would prohbit
>downstram commercial use, but still allow you to
>republish your work at some point for commercial use
>should you chose to.
>Otherwise I believe the commercial versions of the CCL
>would allow someone to do basically the inverse of the
>above and distribute your work, with attribution and
>CCL notice for commercial advantage.
>p.s. If it hits the p2p networks I would not assume
>that everyone will respect the license, but at least
>you have some recourse if they do not.
>--- Sigmascape1 at wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just need some fundamental clarification of the
>> Creative Commons Attribution License. Let's say
>> upload some photos that are covered under this
>> license to the various P2P networks. If someone,
>> anyone, downloads these files, can they legally
>> resell these photos as is? Or is the 'commercial
>> use' of the license just in terms of someone making
>> a derivative work for commercial purposes?
>> Thanks!
>> Mitch

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