[cc-licenses] Daft Question about CC and sign printing.

Martyn martyne at orange.net
Wed Dec 7 05:29:00 EST 2005

I'm building an open source sign designer (released under LGPL).

And I would like to include in the package some fonts and some images
(in SVG).

Now to me I think i can use works licenced under some of the CC licences
but I'd like your opions as basically the project is open but the final
useage is going to be by commercial entities.

Now I think I can parse the CC metadata out of the RDF block and show
the end user the author information etc. of any font or image they look,
and put the inforamtion on the final order email as well.  But there is
no way I would be able to put an attribution on the sign that finally
gets produced.

Also the software is going to be free but it is going to be used by
people that charge for the finished signs.

I have already decided to pass on a proportion of any donations that the
project gets to any font or image designers that have cotributed work.

I think I might be able to store finished designs in a way that can be
seen / used by others thus publishing deriavtive works under CC which
would be useful and satisfy the ShareaLike licence.

Basically I want to make my project better by using the execellent CC
content out there. and hopefully serve the CC community as a good advert
for what we can produce, but I don't want to break the rules.


Thanks for any time any one puts into thinking about this.

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