Confusion over conflicting licenses

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at
Sat Apr 30 14:24:14 EDT 2005

Serge Wroclawski wrote:

> Work A has an Attribution Non-Commercial
> Work B has Attribution ShareAlike
> Work C has Attribution Only
> I can use Work A and C or B and C, but not A and B in the same work. A
> and B are mutually exclusive, since to comply with B I must be
> ShareAlike, and to comply with A, I must be Non-Commercial.
> So now I must use Attribution ShareAlike Non-Commercial, or is that a sort
> of "loophole" which makes me able to use Work A commercially as long as I
> modify it first?

Nope, no loophole. Works A and B are incompatible and that's that. And 
only the copyright holders can do something about it.


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