Question: What does sublicense mean?

Peter Brink peter.brink at
Wed Apr 6 10:22:21 EDT 2005

drew Roberts skrev:
> "
> : a license granted by a licensee that grants some or all of the rights (as to 
> a patent) acquired under the original license"
> Fine, but in context, doesn't the "all of the rights" part happen 
> automatically as part of the original license?

Yes - that is covered by the License Grant (item 3 in the license).

> If I release a work CC BY, the people who get the work and the rights from me 
> cannot give the work to others with those same rights? That makes no sense.

They cannot both distribute a work under a) the same license *and* b) 
sublicense the work under different terms.

When you distribute a work licensed under a CC license you are *not* 
issuing a new license, you are merely making the work available under 
the very same license you yourself has made use of.

When you distribute a derivative work you do issue a new license.

/Peter Brink

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