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Greg London email at
Wed May 26 18:16:10 EDT 2004

Home-compile. yeah, I guess that's what you'd call it.
The GNU-GPL specifically allows home-compiling as a way
for people to compile AllRightsReserved software with
GNU-GPL software. Until recently, I thought it was
legal only because the GNU-GPL allowed it. But then
doing more copyright research, it occurred to me as
not a function of being granted by GNU-GPL, but more
a function of copyright as "property" and ANYONE
can home-compile or create-derived-works-at-home,
they just cant distribute the newly created work.

That's why I was a little concerned by the wording
in the 2.0 license. It sounded like I was completely
off base. And it would have shot my video shorts
idea completely out of the water.

I've got a bunch of movie shorts ideas that
would create a complete movie version of my
book, and I have certain AllRightsReserved
songs that go with certain scenes.

might need some kind of mpeg-video/mp3-audio
mixer so people can "compile" a final version
in their homes rather than having to "queue"
the music and video simultaneously.

Glenn Otis Brown said:
> whoa -- that's a cool idea. very cool. then people can home-compile the
> videos without copyright worry. really there's some serious promise
> there for a number of applications.
> On May 26, 2004, at 2:34 PM, Greg London wrote:
>> I have a sci-fi novel that I think I'm going to publish
>> through and I keep having visions of "mini-videos"
>> strung together that are a bunch of free shorts that can
>> sync to all-rights-reserved music.

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