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Glenn Otis Brown glenn at
Wed May 26 17:49:56 EDT 2004

whoa -- that's a cool idea. very cool. then people can home-compile the 
videos without copyright worry. really there's some serious promise 
there for a number of applications.

On May 26, 2004, at 2:34 PM, Greg London wrote:

> Evan Prodromou said:
>>>>>>> "GOB" == Glenn Otis Brown <glenn at> writes:
>>>> If she gives this movie away for free saying it also syncs with
>>>> "The Wall", is that copyright infringement?
>>     GOB> no
>> That's very interesting! As a copyright amateur, I would have probably
>> said that the movie was a derivative work of the song "The Wall"
> I think we had a conversation on the list a while back
> where I agreed with you about this very thing. I've since been
> researching a >lot< for a complete rewrite of
> Drafting teh Gift Domain, and have since changed my tune.
> Of course, my "tune" and the opinion of the courts are getting
> farther and farther out of alignment, so I wasn't exactly
> sure I had any legal ground to stand on.
> I have a sci-fi novel that I think I'm going to publish
> through and I keep having visions of "mini-videos"
> strung together that are a bunch of free shorts that can
> sync to all-rights-reserved music.
> Greg
> PS: does anyone know of any OpenSource CGI software?
> I bought Poser and use anim8or, wasn't sure if there were
> other options out there.
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