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Wed May 26 17:04:57 EDT 2004

>>>>> "SS" == Sunir Shah <sunir at> writes:

    SS> One of your reasons

    Me> 1) The personalization of art is bourgeois and decadent. [...]

    SS> is perhaps an iconoclastic version of my reason, but if you
    SS> are interested only in seeing your ideas gain influence, at
    SS> the sacrifice of your own personal credit, there is great
    SS> value in eliminating the attribution requirement. 

I actually think that's more in line with reason 0 (you want to let
others pass off your work as their own), which is probably neither
here nor there.

I was more referring to art movements that radically de-emphasize the
role of the artist through no-attribution or mis-attribution; Fluxus
comes to mind. Gertrude Stein's "Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas" may
be another example.

    SS> That way other people can include your work (whole, in part, or
    SS> modified) as the part of their own which they in turn can
    SS> claim credit for and make their money. While this may seem
    SS> like exploitation, if you're goal is simply to get people to
    SS> think and act more in line with your mission, this is a useful
    SS> strategy.

Yes, I agree. That's a good use for an unattributed work. 


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