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Wed May 26 13:17:32 EDT 2004

>>>>> "RM" == Rob Myers <robmyers at> writes:

    Me> Anyways, I think Attribution is probably more analogous to the
    Me> copyright clause in the license, which doesn't seem to get
    Me> anybody up in arms.

    RM> BSD attribution is a pain to manage and difficult to keep
    RM> track of. It is an extra requirement on the user. Content is
    RM> not software: where do you put people's names on a painting?

Bottom right-hand corner, usually. B-)

I'm not sure that's a good example. I'm having a hard time coming up
with media where creators aren't given some kind of attribution either
embedded within the work (on a painting, title page of a book, byline,
movie credits), or in some side channel (DJ reads off titles and
musicians on the radio, programs at the symphony, plaque on the
pedestal of a statue, the little white titles on MTV).

The best I can come up with is for graphic design or copy in

Another point is that for CC licenses You have to give notification of
the license, anyways (with an URL or the full legal text). So, once
You're doing that, the extra burden of giving Attribution to the
author is not that much.


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