Misleading header

Evan Prodromou evan at wikitravel.org
Tue May 25 17:16:47 EDT 2004

So, the header on the 1.0 licenses says:

    This license has been superseded. Check out the <new one>.

When someone clicks on a Some Rights Reserved button on a Wikitravel
page, and they see the license deed that says the license has been
superseded, they could reasonably suppose that the new license applies
to the work that they just clicked through, which is not the case.

I think this may be kind of misleading. I am not a lawyer, and this is
not legal advice, but AFAICT works licensed under 1.0 licenses are
_not_ automatically available under the 2.0 licenses.

Anyways, better wording may be valuable. Something like:

     A <new version> of this license is available. You should
     use it for new works, and you may want to relicense existing
     works under it. No works are _automatically_ put under the new
     license, however.


P.S. Ugh! I've been dreading this day... lots of work to do to get to
the new licenses.

Evan Prodromou <evan at wikitravel.org>
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