An Outlandish Suggestion

Rob Myers robmyers at
Mon May 24 11:04:21 EDT 2004

Supposing CC did provide representation and disclaimer services. The FSF ask contributors to assign copyright to them so that they can defend the work under the GPL as its "author". People could assign copyright to CC for similar reasons: if they use CC-SA they haven't lost much (they can use the work like everyone else, although they can't offer closed licensing terms to third parties).

A well as charging for registration services, CC could make money from sponsorship and selling physical media like the FSF and the internet movie archive. Add insurance services for those not willing to represent and legal services for those wanting to set up large-scale projects.

This would all amount to the reverse of Lessig's copyright registries from "Free Culture". As I say it's an outlandish suggestion but it would make CC a one-stop-shop for licensing, registering and managing free culture.

- Rob.

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