Version 2 licenses?

Greg London email at
Mon May 24 09:36:02 EDT 2004

I think CC encourages people to use other licenses
when licensing software.

If you're going to use CC-PD, then it probably doesn't
matter too much, although the BSD license would work too.
If you're going to use CC-SA, then I believe the GNU-GPL
handles the nuances associated with software better,
requiring source code and excluding software patents (iirc).

If you're going to use a non-libre license
(such as NonCommercial, EduOnly, NoDerivs)
then a CC license is the only option since
the Open Source Definition excludes such limitations.

Keith Coleman said:
> Is there a planned release date for the v2 licenses? I'm working on some
> software that would benefit from info about the new versions,

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