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>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Linksvayer <ml at> writes:

    > Andrea Glorioso wrote:
    >>>>>>> "Evan" == Evan Prodromou <evan at> writes:
    >> >
    >> Is seems to me that this challenge refers to a sharing client,
    >> not to a sharing network.. am I wrong?

    > It does, but the behavior of clients defines a P2P network, so
    > the distinction is more or less irrelevant.

Well, that depends on the protocols used (not all P2P networks are
completely client-centric) but that doesn't matter as much as I
understand the general goal of that task.

    >> P.S.: I feel I'm a bit OT on this mailing list.  Am I wrong
    >> (again)?

    > Not terribly.  This is probably the best place for random
    > CC-related discussion.  Purely technical discussion that are
    > still CC-related would be better at
    > <> though.

I thought cc-metadata was, say, on metadata :).  Anyway I'll keep
posting on this mailing list and I will change as soon as somebody
asks me to.


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