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Evan Prodromou evan at
Sat May 1 12:27:39 EDT 2004

>>>>> "RM" == Rob Myers <robmyers at> writes:

    RM> Yes. People are welcome to use asset-stripping licenses
    RM> (although I have reservations about CC offering them), but I
    RM> want to use a value-creation one.

Rob, is "asset-stripping license" a commonly-used phrase or legal term
that I've never heard before, or just a clever turn of phrase? Can you
explain the difference between an "asset-stripping license" and a
"value creation license"?

As an aside, I think we should make a rule on the cc-licenses list:
you're only allowed to throw in one (1) neologism per email
message. B-)

Finally, to wrap up, a question: does anyone know of good mailing
lists or other forums for discussing OFLACC* in more general or
theoretical ways, rather than specifically for Creative Commons


* My neologism for this email. "Open/Free/Libre Art/Content/Culture".

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