derivative works question: "cover" songs

William Morgan wmorgan-cc-licenses at
Wed Mar 24 18:29:09 EST 2004

Excerpts (corrected) from William Morgan's mail of 24 Mar 2004 (EST):
> Thank you all for your replies. The general consensus seems to be that
> it's unlikely I can apply a CC license to a recording of a song copy-
> righted by someone else, and that, in fact, distribution under any
> terms or public performance require some form of royalties payment.

I realize this may be straying away from the CC aspect of things, but
does anyone have insight into whether royalties need to be paid if the
recordings of such works are distributed for free?

If so, we could at least distribute those recordings alongside the
CC-licensed originals, which would be nice.

It seems like current copyright law was not designed with the "folk
process" in mind... sigh.

William <wmorgan-cc-licenses at>

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