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> selussos wrote:
> > I was looking at the site and I see that I links to CC for a human understandable version of their license, yet no where on CC do you really say that you cover Software.
> > I would like to use the to explain our 
> > license in plain English but should I or would that be misleading?
> I guess you must be looking at 
> <>.  Only the 
> documentation is under a CC license.  Unfortunately they have copied the 
> deed rather than linked to <>.

Yes I noticed that. 

> Creative Commons licenses aren't intended for software 
> <>, but in theory you could 
> use one.
> Note that we're now offering CC packaging (human readable deed and 
> machine readable metadata) for the GPL 
> <> and LGPL 
> <>, and could do the same 
> for other software licenses in the future.

I think it funny that you link to the site instead of the alias for the Free Software Foundation link ;-)  We use on our site
the FSF one.

Unfortunately we cannot do GPL but must offer something in the MIT/X/BSD
variation see:, which is why I thought 
the link to would be good.
Will you be doing something like that in the near future?  If so I could justw
wait and link then if you think that would be clearer.

As you can I am looking for _clarity_ since we've been getting so many 
questions on our rather simple license.  Thanks for your quick response.

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