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>>>>> "Todd" == Todd A Jacobs <nospam at> writes:

    > On Sat, Jun 26, 2004 at 01:24:25AM +0200, Andrea Glorioso wrote:
    >> What about the INDUCE act ?

    > It's not a law, it's a legislative proposal. Make sure your
    > representatives know that they'll lose your vote next election
    > if they support it.

I'm not a US citizen so I don't have  much to say about  it - but I'll
try to make my  (and other fellow citizens)  voice heard if the INDUCE
act will  be proposed  in Europe  or  in Italy.   We have the  strange
tendency to take  every silly law that comes  from the US and make our
local version of it (in  some cases,  like  the DMCA->EUCD, that  came
directly from WIPO obligations).

Let's hope INDUCE doesn't become a US law at all.


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