NonCommercial and recovering costs

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Fri Jun 25 19:24:25 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Todd" == Todd A Jacobs <nospam at> writes:

    > The  problem you're having  is that you're  turning  this into a
    > logic  exercise,  and  not  construing this  in  accordance with
    > applicable   case  law. If     you follow  your logic  to   it's
    > conclusion,  there would  be    no   end to  infringement     or
    > liabilities.  The  phone   company   could  be  contributing  to
    > infringement based on your use of the phone lines, or Dell might
    > become a defendant  because you used  one of their  computers to
    > post the material. Maybe the power company providing electricity
    > to the host computer is contributing to the infringement, too.

    > I'm not saying that our legal system couldn't become that silly,
    > but I don't think it has--yet.

What about the INDUCE act ?


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