How do I waive attribution rights?

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On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 01:48, Nathan Jones wrote:

> What is the recommended way to waive attribution rights? Say I
> licence a play under Attribution-NoDerivs; how do I make it clear that
> people don't have to mention me on the program, or other reproduction,
> despite the big "BY" image on the licence?
> Or is there not a recommended way?

I don't speak for Creative Commons; just another list member.

It's been mentioned that this could be done, either under the
"revocation" clause of section 4a, or the "if supplied" phrase of
section 4b. However, nobody's really made it clear what the mechanics
are for waiving your attribution requirement.

It seems like the main way to do it is simply not to supply a name,
title, and licensing URI for the work. Another way would be, when you
give license notification ("This work is available under the blah-blah
license"), say something like, "I request that you not use my name or
the title of this work."

Neither one really works the same way as just not having an Attribution
requirement in the first place, though.

A question about your motives: do you _really_ think that anyone won't
distribute or perform your work just because you require authorship and
title attribution? This seems pretty far-fetched to me. Putting on a
play or distributing a printed volume are a lot of work, and I can't
really see that camel's back being broken by the straw of having to add
a name and title to the theater program.

Anyways: if what you really want is a "NoDerivatives" license with no
other requirements, I'd personally recommend just using the 1.0 nd


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