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Riina Vuorikari Riina.Vuorikari at
Fri Jun 11 06:01:45 EDT 2004

Dear all,

I would like to ask about a possibility to express "translation allowed"
in the CC-license. This would make it possible to translate the content
of a given resource, even if not any derivative work is allowed.

I give you an example to be more clear: I create a piece of content that
I put a cc-license on. I say that the re-use of it is allowed when
contribution is made, but no derivative work is allowed. However, I
would like to allow that someone could translate the resource. Currently
this is not possible to express in the cc-license. Hence the question,
would it be interesting to add this kind of condition to cc-license?

This idea came to me when I wrote about the localisation possibilities
of educational content based on the idea of localisation of open source 
software and what kind of a great perspective this offers for small 
language groups etc. (You can find an excerpt below of a paper written 
for a workshop on open content

Thanks for your time and consideration of this suggestion.

Kind Regards,

Riina Vuorikari
European Schoolnet

"In the same way, the translation of open source educational web-based
content may be particularly attractive to school networks, Ministries of
Education and other usergroups in countries where digital content
development has been slow to materialise. ...

Hence, it should be investigated how educational content could be
created so that the translation and localisation would be facilitated.
Also, in the original licensing agreement one could express that
translation of the content is permitted. In the metadata description of
the learning resource all the language variants should be expressed too,
as the elements for that kind of metadata already exists. "

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