additional terms to by-nc-sa

Alvin Oga alvin at
Thu Jun 10 17:25:41 EDT 2004

hi ya 

i've been looking over the by-nc-sa license

i was wondering ...  how does one add additional terms
and conditions to the license ?

specifically, i'd like to specificy things like:

venue ... that all legal disputes will be according to the
	  state of california, santa clara county 

address ... all correspondences comes into our offices 
 	or legal service agents for legal issues

attorney ... should also be included so that those that do
 	might otherwise want to get involved wont be scared away 
	because there's no attorney's fees clauses in it

non-commercial ... that could mean different things to different 
	folks so i'd like to more explicitly define it

can these types of changes be added to the "our license" and
refer and include the original by-nc-sa license as part
of the license ??


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