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Rob Myers robmyers at
Wed Jun 9 04:43:35 EDT 2004

On Wednesday, June 09, 2004, at 09:17AM, Evan Prodromou <evan at> wrote:
>>>>>> "MR" == MJ Ray <mjr at> writes:
>    MR> Do any SA/NC/ND licences not include attribution?
>There were several 1.0 licenses that didn't include Attribution. See
>the bottom of this page:

In CC 1.0, attribution (BY) was optional. In CC 2.0 it's automatic, but the licensor can waive attribution when they release work under a CC, or a licensee can ask the licensor to waive attribution when they use the work. This is nice and flexible, but could be annoying for people who never want to waive, or who want to make it clear that they are waiving automatically.

Not-BY being available again wouldn't hurt, and for a few cases would positively help. I don't think people understood it (this includes me).

- Rob.

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