Creative Commons Attribution license element

Josh Triplett josh.trip at
Tue Jun 8 23:25:06 EDT 2004

MJ Ray wrote:
> On 2004-06-08 17:06:25 +0100 Evan Prodromou <evan at> wrote:
>> a number of mix-and-match license elements (Attribution, ShareAlike,
>> NonCommercial, NoDerivatives). So any CC license that would require
>> Attribution would also fall under this analysis.
> Do any SA/NC/ND licences not include attribution?

In the case of the 1.0 licenses, the SA, NC, SA-NC, ND, and NC-ND
licenses did not require attribution, although only the first of these
would have any chance of being Free.  In the 2.0 licenses, CC decided
that everyone wanted attribution, so they included it in all their
licenses to reduce the number of different combinations.

> I don't think OSI follows similar guidelines. Notably, Debian does not
> require contributors to its process to use non-free software, defaults

I'm curious, what non-free software is required to contribute to OSI?

- Josh Triplett

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